Follow your dreams

I have this calendar hanging in my living room that gives you a motivational quote each month. For June it says “Follow your dreams”.


Currently it’s Saturday June 25th, 2016 at around noon while I’m sitting on my balcony, enjoying the sun with a cup of iced chia latte typing this post. And in this moment I couldn’t be more happy about life. To be honest I can’t remember the last time I felt so happy. And I’m pretty sure this happiness doesn’t just come from summer finally arriving here in Munich. It has more to do with the huge step I took yesterday towards reaching my dreams.

I have to admit following your dreams isn’t always easy.

First you have to figure our what your dreams are. Maybe you love cooking, but is being a chef really your dream? Maybe you love children, but do you really want to be a mom? Dreams can also change over time. Think back to when you were 10 years old. What was your dream back then? Did you want to become a fireman, a doctor, a vet or maybe even a princess? Are these still your dreams today? Are you in med school because it was your dream to become a doctor when you graduated high school but 3 years in you hate every second of it?

Then you have to figure out how you can make your dreams come true. This might very likely involve getting out of your comfort zone. Maybe you want to work in this one special company but have no idea how you can get in? Well, ask! Try to get in contact with someone who already works there, ask for an internship, ask what they are looking for in their staff, maybe this happen to be strong points. You have to step up to get where you want to be.

And then you just have to make it happen.

Now to my story:

When I graduated high school I wanted to help people living a healthy life so I went to uni and studied health promotion science. And even though I was really interested in this field (and still am today even more actually) I soon figured out that I didn’t see myself working in it. So I dropped out of uni after one year devastated because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to take a gap year, moved to Boston to work there as an Au Pair and had the time of my life living there. I figured out that I love traveling, planning trips, researching flights, hotels etc.. So after I came back to Germany I started an apprenticeship as a travel agent. I loved it! I got to travel, I was able to use my language skills, plan trips, make people happy on their perfect vacation. After I graduated I stayed at this company got the job I had dreamed of getting from day one of my apprenticeship and all just fell in place. It truly fulfilled me, I loved my coworkers, I loved the destinations we worked on, I got to improve my Spanish skills, I basically loved going to work every single day.

Looking back I don’t know what or when exactly it changed but after about 1.5 years I was on vacation back in New England with a friend of mine and at some point I realized that I’m not feeling the same about my job anymore as I used to at the beginning. I pushed that feeling away though and blamed it on the routine that had set in. I went back to work and was okay with it. I still liked my job, loved my coworkers. Life went on.

A few month later I talked to a friend of mine who had just quite her job and to start her own business she had dreamed of starting for a while now. After I got home I asked myself “What are your dreams? Where do you see yourself in ten years?” I had a couple of versions of my 35 years old self, but in none of them was I still doing the job I’m doing today. I decided to give it a few weeks, I really didn’t want to rush anything. One night I found myself looking up different majors. At no point before had I considered going back to uni, but somehow this idea stuck with me. I was looking up specific majors over and over again and was already picturing myself at uni, giving it my all, graduating, finding that job that gives me the feeling I had at the beginning of my current job. And in this made up life I was happy, happier than I currently was. Don’t get me wrong I know that uni isn’t all love, peace and harmony, I am quite aware of all the work one has to put in but I want that. I want to learn new things, widen my horizon, work really hard.

So last week I have sent out applications. And yesterday I quit my job, that I still like and it makes me sad to leave my colleagues. But I really didn’t want to get to a point where I started to dislike my job, so I’m glad I took the exit before this happened.

I have no idea what exactly is going to happen next, I don’t even know yet if I will be accepted by any of the unis I applied to but at this point it doesn’t really worry me because I’m back on track of working towards my dream life.

My dreams have changed over the last years and I didn’t realize right away that I wasn’t on the right path anymore but when I did, I did something about it, I adjusted my route and it feels right again.

So if you’re not happy with what you’re doing right now I encourage you to take action. Find your passions, your dreams. Figure out how you can work towards making them happen and then simply do whatever it takes.

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

What are your dreams?

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