Summer bucket list

For some of you summer might already be on the verge of merging into fall but for me, it actually just started today.

Right after finishing my exams for this semester I jumped on a bus to take a trip to Berlin. It was the best thing I could have done because it took my mind off from all the studying. I had the best time with lots of wonderful people, amazing food and great experiences. It was super busy but exactly what I needed to recharge my energy.

And afterwards, I took up a last minute job offer for a summer job. Unfortunately, it was quite a disappointment because they were really just exploiting me so I quit that after a week and here I am left with 62 days of summer that I want to enjoy to the fullest.

I used my first day of summer to make a list of things I want to accomplish this summer.
And there they are:

    1. Work on my blog

Now that you’re reading this on here I already did start with this one. I have been working on the theme all morning and now I’m writing these lines to share my first post on my new blog. I am not 100% satisfied with everything yet but as I’m living by ‘done is better than perfect’ I have decided to just release it. I can still work on improving it in the future.
I want to create some recipes and inspiring posts for you and get everything set up so I can continue with my posts when the new semester starts.

    1. Read at least 3 books

I haven’t really been reading a lot recently because I’ve had other priorities but I really miss it. It still feels like I need to force myself to get back into it though. I guess it’s because I have been hustling so much lately it still seems like a weird concept to me to just sit down and do nothing but reading. But it is exactly what I need to calm down a little.

    1. Improve my Spanish

I have been taking Spanish lessons up until last summer and I was so sure I would stick to practicing my Spanish skills on my own but after a few month I completely forgot about it. And now I feel like I’m back at where I started so I want to get back into practicing more regularly. I want to read some articles, watch some YouTube videos and try writing some texts to get back into it.

    1. Explore Stuttgart

It’s almost been a year that I moved to Stuttgart and I feel like I haven’t seen anything yet. That’s partly because I didn’t like what I have seen so far and because I have been too lazy to take the way into the city upon myself. But I haven’t given up my hopes yet to find at least some nice places.

    1. Visit a new place

I don’t have the money to travel this summer because I’m saving up for my semester abroad in Australia starting next spring. So I want to at least discover some nearby places I haven’t seen yet. But I’m discovering more and more wonderful towns in Germany as well.

    1. Sort out things I don’t need any more

Although I have already been sorting out lots of junk I still own way too many things that don’t bring me joy. But for me it’s not always easy to get rid of stuff. Especially things that have emotional value to me are hard to give away. But I’m giving it another go this summer.

    1. Do lots of yoga & work on my handstands

I’m slowly but steadily seen improvements in my daily (recently not really daily) yoga practice. But what I really want to focus on over the next few weeks are back bends and handstands. It’s so much fun practicing new asanas, especially handstands because I can see myself getting better and stronger every day.

What are your plans for this summer?

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