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I thought I’d start a monthly recurring thing. Some kind of monthly favorites.

After contemplating what I want this format to look like I’ve first thought about setting up some categories and picking my favorites out of these categories every month. But one month I might have two food favorite books and the next month I might have non so I wasn’t 100% happy with this concept.

Instead I thought I’d just share my ‘TOP 5’ every month. This can really be anything food, fashion, movies, books, artists, places, moments,… That gives me enough freedom to just really share with you what I’ve been loving the past month.

I hope you like this format. I’d love if you could give me some feedback and tell me a little about what you’ve been loving lately.

So here goes my TOP 5 for the month of September:


I finally got my first tattoo this month. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo since I was 16 but I never wanted to just get some random tattoo without any meaning. Ever since I discovered my love for traveling I knew I wanted to get a tattoo that somehow expresses my never-ending wanderlust. I’ve been scribbling some ideas down but was never 100% happy with it (might be because I suck at any form of drawing). So at some point I just gave up on ever finding the perfect motive. Until one day I’d decided to just hit up a tattoo shop and see if they could help me. Ends up one of the artists had some time before his next client would arrive and after explaining my idea to him he started scribbling down something and I fell in love. So he took some more time to make it perfect and an hour later I walked out with ink on my arm. And I just love it so much. It holds so much meaning to me and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last. If you want to read some more about what’s behind the motive I also told a story about it on my Instagram here.



Ally and I started #pancakeseptember on Instagram to celebrate our vegan anniversaries and I’m still overwhelmed by all of your beautiful entries. I don’t even know how often I’ve had pancakes this month but I was basically craving them every day because of all of your entries! I’ve also had a pancake party with my friends Laura, Bekka and Karo where we’ve created some straight up pancake porn! And I also made myself some pancakes without taking a single picture of them which was the first time I didn’t snap my pancakes since I’ve started my Instagram account and it was so nice to eat them warm for once.

pancake picture

TED talks

I’ve been loving TED talks ever since I’ve discovered them about 2 years ago. But this past month was the first time I actually attended a TEDx event live here in Stuttgart. The topic was ‘New Understandings’ and I got to listen to some really powerful speaker with amazing stories and ideas. I helped out at the event as a volunteer and it was such a great experience to connect with new people and have some inspiring discussions.


I took a trip to Hamburg with some lovely girls this month. And without even realizing it it was exactly what I had needed. We stayed in a really pretty AirBNB (if you have never traveled with AirBNB you can sign up here to get a 30€ discount on your first booking) and had the most amazing time. We met with lots of other lovely people at a vegan meet up, ate our way through the vegan foodie scene (here‘s a Hamburg food guide if you’re looking for tips) and spent hours just talking about everything and nothing. I am beyond grateful that I met such amazing people through social media!

Audio books

I have been listening to audio books pretty much non-stop this month. After reading pretty much only non-fiction books in the past 12 month I am back to enjoying a good thriller or crime novel and just forget about the real world for a bit. I listen to audio books while I go running, while I’m cleaning or cooking, while I edit pictures, while I travel and sometimes I just sit in bed with a cup of tea and do nothing besides listening to someone read to me. I still enjoy reading myself but it’s just so much easier to listen to audio books when you’re busy because you can actually do it while you’re doing something else.

My favorites have been The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter, Das Joshua-Profil by Sebastian Fitzek and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

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