The end of summer

I guess I have to accept that summer 2017 is officially over once and for all. Uni is starting back today so the ‘going with the flow, doing whatever I want’ days are over now.

Fall foilage

If you know me you probably know that this makes me quite sad because summer is my all time favorite season. Good thing is that I will cheat a little next February and fast forward to summer by traveling to Australia.

But first things first which means mentally prepare for Uni and the work load coming with it. I’m actually kinda excited for a new semester. I hope that some of my classes will be at least kind of fun and interesting. But I also know that it’s going to be a tough one with lots of projects and assignments.

So before leaving for my first class I wanted to reflect on my summer and I thought why not pull out the summer bucket list I wrote at the beginning of summer and see what I did and didn’t do.

So here we go:

    1. Work on my blog

Yay I did that. I’ve been diving into all kinds of things blog related. SEO, WordPress, coding (learned some things I should have learned at Uni last semester :D), started to write down recipes and had so many ideas that I wasn’t even able to realize all of them. So stay tunes there’s lots of things to come! And I will hopefully have enough time to learn more about blogging in the next few month as well.

    1. Read at least 3 books

I even read 4 books! And listened to many more audio books and podcasts. And I also made a to be read list for the rest of the year. Here’s what I red in case you are interested: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (5/10), The Why Cafe by John Strelecky (9/10), The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch & Jeffrey Zaslow (10/10, I actually re-read this one), Manifesting 101: How to Use the law of Attraction Successfully by the lovely Kristina Haupenthal (aka kris_the_cat)

    1. Improve my Spanish

I think I’ve partly done that. I’ve been watching some YouTube videos in Spanish here and there and I’ve been going through some Rosetta Stone chapters but not as much as I was anticipating to.

    1. Explore Stuttgart

Yes, I’ve definitely seen some more places here. Not so much of the city itself but of the nature surrounding the city. And I really likes what I saw. Still not a Stuttgart lover but it has some nice nature.

    1. Visit a new place

I’ve been thinking about this one and one could say I’ve done it but then again, not really. All the places I’ve been weren’t places I have never been to before but some of them I didn’t remember at all what they looked like or I discovered new parts of the cities so yes and no, I guess. I’ve been at home (in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria) and in Bayreuth, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg.

    1. Sort out things I don’t need any more

Yep I have a whole bag of clothes I want to sell at a flea market I just need to find time for it. And I’ve also sorted out some of my old make up stuff.

    1. Do lots of yoga & work on my handstands

I have been doing yoga on and off this summer but lately I’ve been doing it a little more again and I can really feel how important it is for my overall well-being to practice yoga somewhat regularly. I still can’t do a handstand without a wall when kicking up but I can hold it longer without a wall once I am in the right position.

me in Berlin

What else happened this summer? Here are some short insights and thoughts I had:

I’ve had a summer job that I quit after one week because it was a modern (actually no not even really a modern) form of slavery and money could never justify me giving up all self respect, I applied for a semester abroad in Melbourne, I lived with my parents for a month and realized how happy I am for my freedom, I’ve been to my mom’s birthday party and realized how happy I am for a certain part of my family and that I really don’t need the negativity of the remaining part, I realized once again that Munich is the best city in this whole entire world, I found my passion for photography and editing with more than just food pictures, I’ve met so many new friends that have become my second family by now, politics are kinda really interesting and important!, my insomnia got really bad, life isn’t always good but everything happens for a reason and last but not least where the f*** have you been my dearest summer because here in Germany we’ve seen very little of you :(.

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  1. Oh Julia, das Bild von dir ist so schön. – Und ich hoffe trotzdem, dass dein Semester nicht allzu stressig wird und du den Herbst/ Winter einigermaßen genießen kannst: bald bist du ja in Australien, du Glückliche! 🖤

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