Morning Routine

Back when I went to high school I used to always sleep in super late. On the weekends my mom usually woke me up for lunch around noon and if she wouldn’t have woken me up then I would have probably been sleeping even longer.

But when I moved out started to work and had a lot more to do I realized that sleeping for this long wasn’t really a great thing to do because the day was already halfway gone when I crawled out of bed so slowly but steadily I adapted my sleeping schedule to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier as well.

And little by little I went from being a night owl to being a morning person. The only problem is I’m still somewhat of a night owl because I tend to be most creative early in the mornings and late in the evenings which is a very bad combination with my need for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep but oh well…

Over time a morning routine has formed which I don’t do exactly like this every morning but I try to stick to it as much as I can depending on when I have to leave the house. As a student with lectures that never start before 10am this routine is working quite well at the moment.

In this post I’m sharing with you how I prefer to spend my mornings.

Setting my alarm at the same time every day

I figured out that for me getting up a 7am every morning is the perfect time. It’s by far not ‘early’ as most people have to get up way earlier but it’s still early enough to be able to enjoy some me time and be productive before heading out. Usually I also get up at 7am on the weekends except for when I feel really exhausted or go to bed super late then I let my body rest for as long as it needs to. But for me getting up at the same time every day is important to stick to some kind of routine.

The first few minutes after waking up

Yes I am guilty for going on my phone first thing in the morning. However recently I started to give my body and mind at least some minutes of peace before diving into the whole social media world. I’m not a fan of the snooze button as in snoozing 10x until I’m running way to late to actually get everything done before I have to head out. But I started to snooze my phone once after my alarm rang and in these 9 minutes (which is the snooze interval IOS gives you) I try to feel inside my body and mind. I ask myself how I feel, how my sleep was, I try to remember what I dreamt about (haven’t been successful on that yet) and then I set my intentions for the day in my mind. When my alarm then goes off again I allow myself another 11 minutes until 7:15am to scroll through social media just to give my body a little longer to really wake up but then I am strict with myself and put my phone down.

But first… tea

After the usual morning things you do in your bathroom I go into the kitchen and boil some water to make myself a cup of tea. I don’t drink coffee because the caffein in coffee is way too intense for me but if I feel really tired I drink green or black tea.

Setting intentions for the day

Now that it’s getting colder again I like to snuggle up in a blanket in my bed and just take a few moments to write down whatever is on my chest. I finish my journaling with three intentions I’m setting for the day.

Making a to do list

With my hot cup of tea I make my way to my desk. First I look at my weekly planer and to do list that I write out every Monday morning and plan my to do’s for that day. If you’re interested in a detailed description on my overall planning and organization routine let me know, I can write a post about it.

Checking the news

Another one of my morning rituals is to watch the “Tagesschau” a German newscast. And also quickly check the news apps on my phone. If there are any topics I want to learn more about or get some more background information I write it down in the notes section of my planning sheet and when I have some time later that morning or during a break I will get back to it and search for more information on it.


I know a lot of people do this straight after hopping out of bed but to be honest it doesn’t feel good for my body to stretch directly after getting up. But at this point I’ve been up for approximately an hour or so and now my body is ready to be stretched. So I put on a podcast or an audio book for 10 minutes and do some stretches during this time.

Breakfast time

Usually I’m hungry at this point. If not this might also happen a little later but if I am hungry I will make myself a yummy breakfast. Depending on how much time I have that morning it could either be something fancy that I will also take pictures of or just a quick bowl of muesli. While eating I like to either read a book, check social media, read blog posts or watch some YouTube videos.

Being productive

Now this is the time when I post in Instagram, answer your comments, write blogposts, answer my e-mails, edit some pictures or work on uni projects.

Getting ready to head out

If I do have to leave the house I will now get dressed and put on some make up if I feel like it and then head out. If I don’t have anywhere to go to or have to leave the house really late that day I will at least get out of my pjs and put on some comfy lounge wear. Or I will put on my gym clothes and go for a run/walk.

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