TOP 5 of October

This is something you keep hearing at the ende of every month but I need to say it: WHAT?! October is already over?!

Where did this year go? There are only two month left of 2017. Summer is fas gone. Winter is waiting right around the corner. I actually had my fingers almost freeze off last night for the first time this year. Or well for the first time in the second part of this year to be more accurate.

Uni started again this month and after still feeling like it’s the beginning of the semester when exam period started last semester I actually feel like Uni has been going on for weeks now. Which is kind of good because the end of the semester won’t take me by surprise but it’s also very stressful. I have a ton of things to do and looking at the time left to do all of these things gives me anxiety attacks.

Enough for this rambling recap though and lets get on with my monthly favorites.


It’s getting colder again which means I’m having more than my usual morning cup of tea. Actually I’m drinking approximately 4-6 cups of tea at the moment every day. And by cups I mean big mugs that hold 0,7 liters. Here’s a selection of my current favorite teas. (Not sponsored, bought them with my own money.)

Cupper Liquorish & Spearmint Infusion, Cupper Sweet Dreams and Pukka Cacao Chai

Tim Burton movies

This guy is my all time favorite director. His movies are straight up art. And they really fit the current dark, spooky, mystery mood floating around. My favorites are Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland. What’s your favorite Tim Burton movie?

Walking on crunchy leaves

If you know me you know how much I love taking walks. Nothing more relaxing than walking with no apparent destination. Just letting my thoughts flow while listening to some calming music or listening to a podcast or an audio book.

Lemon Jelly boots

I bought my first pair of Lemon Jelly boots three years ago and they have saved me on so many occasions. They are rain boots that actually look good, don’t make your feet sweat and smell like lemon even after wearing them many times. Yes they are made of plastic but I was able to wear my first pair for 3 years. And I really wore them a lot. Like every day when there was even the slightest chance of rain and even on days when I just wanted to wear ankle boots instead of sneakers or my heavy winter boots. Sadly the sole of them broke last week which ended in me walking home in pouring rain with drenched feet. So I had to order new ones right away. Since as I said they are made of plastic I didn’t want to buy a new pair but thrifted some instead which have only been worn once. And I even saved 30 Euros. I wish I could show you a picture but my old ones aren’t really pretty anymore and I don’t have the new pair yet so I’ll just leave you with a link in case you are interested.


Figs are great but I have to admit I like persimmons more. Especially since I found out that my local Turkish market has the best and juiciest persimmons ever. They taste like fruity pudding. So so good! Okay gotta go and get one now!

Oatmeal with persimmon


Wishing you all a wonderful November!

Let me know what your favorites were this past month.

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  1. Danke Laura, ja ich mag das Format so jetzt monatlich machen, weil ich diese Posts auch unheimlich gern lese.

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