TOP 5 of November

November has got to be my least favorite month. Because it’s mostly rainy, grey and dark, so I have to admit I’m not too sad it’s over.

I haven’t been feeling too great lately due to rushing into winter depression quite rapidly this year. It has left me feeling unmotivated to do anything but stressed about everything at the same time.

I just took a few minutes to reflect on what I’ve been doing the past month but honestly I haven’t really been doing a lot besides uni, more uni, work and more uni. The last month I have not even left the city limits of Stuttgart just once. I miss going places and I miss Bavaria and especially Munich quite a lot at the moment. But what can I do? It’s just another 3 weeks and then I’ll be home for Christmas break.

Anyway even though this month hasn’t been great I still loved some things and here they are:

HoodLamb Coat

This vegan and sustainable winter coat* has been my life savor ever since it’s gotten so cold outside. It’s probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing I have ever owned. I got it last winter and it’s one of the very few things I was looking forward to in the cold season. Wearing this coat makes me feel like I’m cuddling with a teddy bear because it’s that cozy. If you’re interested I’ve also published a whole blog post about it last winter.

girl wearing a hemphood coat

Pop Up Newsroom

I’m taking a Crossmedia storytelling class this semester at uni in which we are learning a lot about mobile journalism. As I’ve always been interested in journalism I find this super interesting. A few weeks ago our professor provided us with an opportunity to take part in an international pop up newsroom on the topic of diversity. Of course I said ‘yes’ because I love working in international groups and diversity is something that is very important to me. With two other students from my course I prepared a 2 hour broadcast session that touched different aspects of the topic. It was a great experience!
If you’re interested in our story you can have a look here.

Chickpea Cookie Dough

Nice cream season is completely over for me, I just can’t eat something freezing cold when I’m already freezing all day. And even though I love oatmeal and semolina pudding sometimes I’m in for a little change. That’s why I rediscovered my love for chickpea cookie dough. My favorite combination has been apple pie cookie dough. I have yet to write down the recipe but then I will definitely share it with you! Until then you can head over and try my hazelnut cookie dough.

apple pie cookie dough

Homo Deus

I’ve started reading a new book this month: Homo Deus: A brief history of tomorrow* by Yuval Noah Harari. I’m about halfway through and I can already say it’s one of my favorite books this year. I have heard a lot about his other book Sapiens: A brief history of humankind but haven’t gotten myself to dive into it just yet because I’m not the biggest fan of anything history or historical. Therefore I’m a big fan of future stuff, not the science fiction spaceship kind of future but the predictions of where technology is headed and especially how humanity is going to live with it is something I’m very interested in. And that is one of the many topics Harari touches upon in this book. It’s a must read for everyone in my opinion because it gives you a lot to reflect on in your everyday life.


I used to be obsessed with scented candles a few years ago. I spent a fortune on candles from Yankee Candles or Bath & Body Works but somehow I completely forgot about them. Until recently I found them again in a drawer and since I’ll have to pack up my room in two month anyways I thought why not burn them all so I can get rid of them. And while burning them I started to fall in love with them again. I would also love to try soy candles but I’m not gonna get any right now because I still have more then enough of my old scented candles.


*Affiliate link: this means if you order with this link I will get some money from Amazon to support my work. It’s not going to be more expensive for you.


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