Thank you 2017!

on top of the mountain

Another year flew by. I first thought it was a rather eventless year but after I started reflecting on what had happened this year I realized that a lot had actually changed.

I wanted to share with you some of what has made 2017 so special.


Physical health

Let’s start with the most important topic: health. My physical health had been really good. I only got sick once in the beginning of the year after the exam period was over and I was traveling to Vienna and Amsterdam. Which was quite unfortunate but it reminded me again that I needed to look after myself some more.

Mental Health

The first part of 2017 was actually really really good. I had finally gotten over my bad relationship with food and exercise, I didn’t stress too much about anything and was really happy.

But somehow in summer 2017 something changed. After a very bad experience with a summer job somehow everything started spiraling downwards. I had ups and downs but overall over the summer I developed an anxiety I couldn’t really do anything about. Somehow the most simple things got harder. Getting out of bed, going outside, cleaning, getting work done. Everything felt so overwhelming and hard. In September I spent a lot of days lying in bed all day because I couldn’t get myself to get up.

When uni started again in October I felt like it was getting better again. But just a few weeks into the new semester the work load had gotten extremely high. I had 4 part time jobs at the same time plus my uni work and my social media. At times I was getting up at 6am to work, then went to work, then went to uni, got home just to work again until 2am at night. And then I lay in bed not able to fall asleep and forced myself to get up again at 6am. Of course this only worked for so long until my body crashed completely.

Gradually I vacated all of my jobs so I could focus solely on uni. And right now sitting here the day after Christmas I feel like I’m on the right path again. I still feel anxious thinking about all the things I still need to get done for uni but it feels doable now.


Due to my upcoming study abroad semester in Australia I couldn’t afford any big trips this past year. But I really enjoyed to see some parts of Germany and Europe.


Right after I was done with exams in February my sister and I took a trip to Vienna. I had already been to Vienna a couple of times before but I just really like this city. We enjoyed just wandering through the city. Our AirBNB apartment was a little outside of the city center in Penzing but we still walked almost everywhere. That’s actually one of my most favorite thing to do while traveling, just walking to places because you get to see so much more of the city than by taking public transportation everywhere. My highlights definitely were the many parks, the university and the Naschmarkt. And if you’re looking for some good food try Swing Kitchen for really good vegan fast food (I’m talking the best fast food I ever had!!), Deli Bluem for a wonderful brunch and delicious waffles, Veganista for yummy vegan ice cream and NENI for the best hummus ever.

me eating ice cream at veganista


Right after Vienna I flew to Cologne to visit a friend of mine. Unfortunately I was quite sick so I spent most of the time there in bed. But I really enjoyed taking a walk along the Rhoen. And I even came back to Cologne for a vegan Instagram meet up in June.


With my friend from Cologne I also took a trip to Amsterdam for a weekend. It’s been the first time for me visiting the Netherlands and I definitely have to come back! Especially since I was still sick and wasn’t able to see and do as much as I wanted to. But I feel in love with the overall vibe of the city. So many bikes and the cutes little streets to explore. And watching the sunsets over the little grachtes (channles) was truly beautiful. Foodwise I can recommend Vega Bond which is a little vegan store but also a place to get sandwiches and cakes and MOOK for some delicious vegan pancakes, they don’t have the vegan pancakes on the menu but are very helpful and can offer you many vegan options.

taking a picture of the sunset


In April I took a spontaneous trip to London with a friend of mine. I just love this city. So many things to see and do. No matter if you’re up for sight seeing, food tasting, partying, visiting museums or just looking at beautiful architecture you’ll not be disappointed. Since I’ve already been to London before we didn’t do too much sight seeing but were just enjoying a few days off. The weather was so nice. It was actually quite funny because it was around Easter time and a lot of Londoners had been on a vacation in Southern Europe. Turned out it was actually nicer weather in London than in Southern Europe during that week. And we ate a lot, like I mean A LOT! Some of my highlights were Cookies and Scream which have the most food porn cookies and cakes I ever had, Mildreds offers amazing vegan food I loved the burger, Yorica! really catered our need for ice cream during those hot days and I was more than pleasantly suprised by the vegan selection they offered at Zizzi the pizza was great and the vegan cake was amazing.


Growing up in Bavaria I’m really drawn to the mountains. And having a sister who’s living in Innsbruck, Austria really helps to go there more often. In June I went to visit her for a weekend and we went on a wonderful hike. We planned on summit one of the mountains but when we reached the last summit station before the final way up to the top we decided to not go up there because it was already quite icy at the station and we didn’t bring the right equipment to climb on icy grounds. It turned out to be the right decision because the way down was already painful enough. But it was still one of the nicest hikes I ever did because the views were stunning.

on top of the mountain


In July I took a trip to Berlin to meet up with a lot of my friends there. Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Germany. I actually hated it the first time I went there when I was 16. But the past 5 years I went there a couple of times and every time I feel in love even more. I just love the vibe the city has. It’s so international and fucked up but in a weirdly enjoyable way. Berlin is definitely the most vegan friendly place I know. I don’t even know where I should start with recommendations so I’m just giving you a couple because otherwise this blogpost would be too long. Holy Flat offers some really good bowls, HUM is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants I’ve ever been to, Haferkater has the best oatmeal in the whole entire world, the burgers from Lia’s Kitchen are to die for (I ate 2,5 burgers) and the best vegan donuts and also french toast is available at Brammibal’s Donuts.


Another German city I really like. Despite the weather that’s something I could never live with longtime. I went there in September for another one of our vegan meet ups and had such a careless time there. We didn’t really do any sight seeing since we all knew the city already and the weather wasn’t that good so we basically just went from one cafe or restaurant to the next. No regrets. If you’re interested in restaurant recommendations I already have a blogpost about vegan food in Hamburg up on my blog.


I don’t really count Munich as a travel destination, more as my home since I used to live there for more than 5 years. But I couldn’t not mention it because I went there a couple of times the past year. If you’re interested in my favorite vegan food spots in Munich let me know then I’ll write a separate blogpost about it.

Spiritual journey

That’s something I focused on a lot in the past year. I have really gotten into a very regular practice of yoga and meditation which has made such a big difference for me mentally and physically. My posture improved and I’m now able to do many asanas I was practicing throughout the course of this year. But more importantly I can really get myself into a state of deep mediation and relaxation.

I also started applying the Law of Attraction into all parts of my life which has been a complete game changer. I have attracted a lot of amazing people into my life. But also many great opportunities. I now know that I can change everything by changing my mindset and that was definitely one of my most important learnings.

exploring nature


No, I’m not talking about the one. But about things I loved (doing). As mentioned above yoga has become something that I really loved doing. Especially practicing inversions like head stands, forearm stands and hand stands have been my favorite.

Another big hobby of mine has been photography. I had gotten myself my first own DSLR in the beginning of this year and fell in love with capturing everything I possibly could.

And this whole social media blogging thing has really grown onto me as well. I’ve been doing Instagram for a while now already but this year I really stepped up my social media game. It’s now not just one of my biggest hobbies but also a job for me that I really enjoy doing.

Another thing that’s really been important to me the past year is minimalism. I go rid of so many things and enjoyed that process a lot. Now that I’ll be moving to Melbourne in a couple of weeks I’m definitely going to get rid of even more and I’m looking forward to it. Just a year ago I had still dreaded giving away stuff because so many things had such great emotional value to me but honestly getting rid of material things can’t take away the memories. Just snap a picture of the things that have emotional value to you before getting rid of them. And if you really want something to bring back that memory you can still look at the picture.


Some of the most happy memories in 2017 are the memories of our vegan meet ups in Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg. Finally connecting with the people I am talking to via social media all the time in real life was so beautiful. We shared such deep talks but also so many funny moments. I can’t wait to meet all of them again!

girls at a picnic


There’s also been a very sad thing happening in 2017. My cat that I grew up with died in September. He’s been one of my best friends and even though I haven’t seen him a lot in the past couple of years because he used to live with my parents I still enjoyed every second we got when I visited. Now being here at home without him around still makes me so sad. I wish I could still cuddle up in bed with him next to me and falling asleep to the sound of him purring. I will always love and miss him.

me with my cat


Overall I can say that 2017 has been a though but good year. I had to overcome many challenges but grew a lot from every single one.

I would love to know how your 2017 went. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Vielen liebe Dank, Laura!
    Dann mache ich mich nächste Woche mal an einen München Vegan Guide. 🙂

  2. Der Post ist so toll geschrieben und das Bild von dir mit deinem Kater ist traumhaft schön! Über einen München vegan guide würde ich mich freuen 🙂
    LG Laura

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