Study abroad in Australia – Pre-departure

girl walking away with a backpack saying "Reisebegleiter"

Wanderlust (noun) a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world

My bags are pack, I’ve said most of my goodbyes.

Every cell in my body is buzzing from excitement but on the other hand there’s this calm feeling inside of me, this feeling of knowing that my constant urge to explore is going to be satisfied. I’m so ready for my study abroad experience.

girl with book saying "Let'S get out of your comfort zone"

As I’ve got some questions about where I’m going, what I’ll be doing, how long I will be staying, etc. I’ve wanted to answer them here for you.

1. Where am I going and how long will I be staying?

I’m going to Australia. More precisely I’m going to Melbourne. At least for the first four months. Afterwards I’ll be traveling across Australia for 1,5-2 month. I don’t have an exact plan where I’ll be going. Thinking of making my way up from Melbourne to Cairns and then heading over to Perth. And in August I will be staying in Bali for 3 weeks before I’ll be going home again.

2. What am I doing in Australia?

I am going to study at Swinburne University for one semester. I’ll be taking journalism and media production courses. And besides studying I will explore the heck out of Melbourne and travel as much as I can.

3. Why Australia?

Something about Australia has always felt very intriguing to me. When I decided I wanted to spend a year abroad as an au pair after school my first intention was to go to Australia but it ended up being to expensive so I decided to go to the US instead which at the time was a great decision because I think I wouldn’t have been confident enough to make it in Australia. Somehow this whole au pair experience seems a bit ‘easier’ in the US as it’s all more or less planned out for you by the agency. But Australia was still at the very top of my travel list when I got home from the US. I started to work at a travel agency and have been traveling to so many countries but never made it to Australia because it didn’t seem right to get there for just a few weeks. So when I started applying for University I already knew that I would definitely spend a semester abroad in Australia. I just knew that this would be the right time to go.

4. How did I organize it?

My school offers an exchange program with Swinburne University which I applied for but sadly I didn’t get the spot. But it was never a question for me to not go anyways. The only thing that I was considering was maybe going to Brisbane instead of Melbourne but after literally everyone told me about what a wonderful city Melbourne is I knew that I had to go there. So I applied. In Germany there’s an organization called “Gostralia“. They are specialized in study abroad in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. They help you apply to the University and also help you with getting your visa and everything else sorted. It was really nice to have someone who’s done all of this hundreds of times already you can just ask whatever questions come up. But if you want to go somewhere and you don’t have anyone to help with planning it’s not that hard to do it all by yourself.

5. What’s on my Australia bucket list?

visit as many beaches as possible, take a trip to the outback, go surfing, eat all the açaí bowls possible, drive along the Great Ocean Road, cuddle a koala, go to a festival, make friends with a kangaroo, discover as many cute cafés as possible, take a touristy picture of Sydney Opera House, sleep in the back of a car, don’t freak out when I see spiders and snakes, stroll through a city and get completely lost, go snorkeling, attend outdoor yoga classes. To be continued.

6. Where will I be living?

Honestly, no idea yet. I have an AirBNB booked for the first week. And then I’ll see, I hope that I will find a place to rent out that I can move in right away but if not I will find another solution.

7. How much does it cost to study in Australia?

Let’s say it’s expensive. I’ve been working and saving up a lot the past 1,5 years. I don’t have an exact answer for you yet but I will let you know when I’m back home.

8. Am I going to take you with me on my social media and blog?

Yes, yes yes! I’m so excited to take you all with me. I’ll be filming Insta stories and maybe even some Youtube videos. There’ll be enough pictures on Instagram and I’m thinking about writing weekly or at least fortnightly recaps on my blog about my study abroad experience with even more pictures.

girl walking away with a backpack saying "Reisebegleiter"

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