Thank you 2017!

on top of the mountain

Another year flew by. I first thought it was a rather eventless year but after I started reflecting on what had happened this year I realized that a lot had actually changed. I wanted to share with you some of what has made 2017 so special. Health Physical health Let’s start with the most important topic: health. My physical health had been really good. I only got sick once in the beginning of the year after the exam period was over and I was traveling to Vienna and Amsterdam. Which was quite unfortunate but it reminded me again that I […]

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5 tips to help with insomnia

girl suffering from insomnia

I don’t really remember when my problems with insomnia started or why but for the past few years I have been suffering from the inability to fall asleep easily. It doesn’t bother me every night and I have yet to find a pattern of the occurrence that makes sense. But maybe there is none, maybe it’s just something I will have to accept and embrace. Maybe at some point it will even go away just as randomly as it came. But until then I will try to do the best that I can to help my body to find the […]

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