Recipe: Maple Vanilla Macadamia Nut Butter

maple vanilla macadamia nut butter in a jar

Nut butter lovers this is something you’ll need to try. Story time or how I fell in love with nut butter Let’s take a trip down memory lane back to the year 2007. Little Julia went to the US for the first time for a student exchange. And not only did she fall in love with the country but she also discovered the love of her life: peanut butter! I don’t know just how many PB&J sandwiches I had in my three weeks in California but it were A LOT! So ever since then I’ve been obsessing over peanut butter. […]

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Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Donuts are one of the many things I learned to love in the USA. I mean come on I used to spend a year in Massachusetts the home of Dunkin’ Donuts so I basically lived off of these sugar loaded treats. My favorite was definitely the plain sugar coated one because I’m not too much of a fan of the artificial glazes (well I guess even the plain sugar coated donut at DD is pretty artificial but whatever). I have never made donuts myself though up until about two years ago. Back then I bought myself a donut mold so […]

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Baked oatmeal cups

Growing up oatmeal wasn’t really a thing we ate at my home. So the very first time I actually had oatmeal was during my au pair year in the US when I got addicted to these sugary Quaker oatmeal packages. And ever since than I’ve been experimenting with all different kind of oatmeal variations. They are my go to quick breakfast where I literally just put oats and whatever I fancy in a bowl and pour hot water on top of it. I make creamy pudding-like oatmeal and top it with all kinds of fancy toppings when I have some […]

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Raw Mini Cheesecakes

raw mini cheesecakes

These raw treats seem to be a never-ending trend on Instagram so I finally had to make some as well. They make the perfect summer treat because you can enjoy them right out of the freezer or let them thaw a little to have a creamier more cheesecake like texture. And I don’t want to hear any of you saying “But it’s almost fall now.” NO! It is not! I will refuse to accept letting summer go so fast. I’m by far not ready yet. I will probably never be ready. So let’s all hold onto summer as long as […]

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Hazelnut Cookie Dough (sweet hummus)

healthy cookie dough

I still remember those days in the kitchen when my mom was baking cake and my sister and I were helping fighting about who gets to lick the bowl. And my mom was warning us to not eat too much of the raw dough so we won’t get salmonellae. Luckily that never happened! But especially with the current news on eggs containing toxic chemicals I get grossed out just by thinking about eating raw eggs. Not to mention the cruelty that comes with most egg cartons. So an egg-free cookie dough is needed. Now while eating a whole batch of […]

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