Q & A #1

canal in Amsterdam

One of my favorite type of blogposts to read are Q&As because I love getting to know the person behind the screen a little more with each answer. And since I’ve been getting quite a few questions on Instagram via direct messages lately I thought why not publish a Q&A post myself? So I asked you to ask me some questions in the comments of one of my Instagram pictures and now I’m going to answer them. So here are all of your questions and my answers. I tried to order them in categories so it’s not too random. Thank […]

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Double Chocolate pancakes

double chocolate pancakes

I had my cousin over to visit me last weekend and while I got up at 6am on Saturday to get some work done she was still sleeping by 10am when I was done with my work. The perks of being a teenager! I still remember those weekend when I was sleeping in until my mom woke me up at noon for lunch. I think I haven’t slept until noon in at least 6 years. If you’d told me back then that I would become a morning person at some point in my life I wouldn’t have believed you. So […]

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TOP 5 of October

This is something you keep hearing at the ende of every month but I need to say it: WHAT?! October is already over?! Where did this year go? There are only two month left of 2017. Summer is fas gone. Winter is waiting right around the corner. I actually had my fingers almost freeze off last night for the first time this year. Or well for the first time in the second part of this year to be more accurate. Uni started again this month and after still feeling like it’s the beginning of the semester when exam period started […]

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Spaghetti with bean balls

Whenever I see or hear about spaghetti with meat balls this one famous scene from Lady and the Tramp comes to my mind. I think in Germany spaghetti with meat balls aren’t that popular, at least in my family we never had it so the first time I ate this dish was – once again – in the US. But since I was never too much of a fan of mince patties or any form of pressed mince I didn’t like them too much. I preferred the regular bolognese version. And when I was back in Germany I quickly forgot […]

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Morning Routine

Back when I went to high school I used to always sleep in super late. On the weekends my mom usually woke me up for lunch around noon and if she wouldn’t have woken me up then I would have probably been sleeping even longer. But when I moved out started to work and had a lot more to do I realized that sleeping for this long wasn’t really a great thing to do because the day was already halfway gone when I crawled out of bed so slowly but steadily I adapted my sleeping schedule to going to bed […]

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