Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Donuts are one of the many things I learned to love in the USA. I mean come on I used to spend a year in Massachusetts the home of Dunkin’ Donuts so I basically lived off of these sugar loaded treats. My favorite was definitely the plain sugar coated one because I’m not too much of a fan of the artificial glazes (well I guess even the plain sugar coated donut at DD is pretty artificial but whatever). I have never made donuts myself though up until about two years ago. Back then I bought myself a donut mold so […]

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The end of summer

I guess I have to accept that summer 2017 is officially over once and for all. Uni is starting back today so the ‘going with the flow, doing whatever I want’ days are over now. If you know me you probably know that this makes me quite sad because summer is my all time favorite season. Good thing is that I will cheat a little next February and fast forward to summer by traveling to Australia. But first things first which means mentally prepare for Uni and the work load coming with it. I’m actually kinda excited for a new […]

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Sweet potato cream

sweet potato cream

Let’s face it. The time for nice cream and smoothie bowls is over. That doesn’t mean I’m still craving and having these two things but not as regularly as I used to anymore. But what I’m still craving this creamy texture with lots of added toppings a lot so I came up with a dish that is perfect for fall but still has a yummy, creamy texture like a thick smoothie bowl would. You can even say it is a smoothie bowl if you want to. It’s a sweet potato cream and I came up with it because I had […]

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TOP 5 of September

explore tattoo

I thought I’d start a monthly recurring thing. Some kind of monthly favorites. After contemplating what I want this format to look like I’ve first thought about setting up some categories and picking my favorites out of these categories every month. But one month I might have two food favorite books and the next month I might have non so I wasn’t 100% happy with this concept. Instead I thought I’d just share my ‘TOP 5’ every month. This can really be anything food, fashion, movies, books, artists, places, moments,… That gives me enough freedom to just really share with […]

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Butternut squash oatmeal

Squash season is at it’s peak at the moment so I’m eating something with pumpkin/squash almost every day. As I had some leftover butternut squash in my fridge from last nights soup when I was about to make my oatmeal this morning I though ‘Why not use some of it for my breakfast as well?’ I know that a while back zucchini oats were a big hype and to be honest I never liked it. Zucchini just doesn’t go with sweet stuff for me.┬áBut squash just like sweet potato and carrots has something sweet about it anyways so I guess […]

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