Baked oatmeal cups

Growing up oatmeal wasn’t really a thing we ate at my home. So the very first time I actually had oatmeal was during my au pair year in the US when I got addicted to these sugary Quaker oatmeal packages. And ever since than I’ve been experimenting with all different kind of oatmeal variations. They are my go to quick breakfast where I literally just put oats and whatever I fancy in a bowl and pour hot water on top of it. I make creamy pudding-like oatmeal and top it with all kinds of fancy toppings when I have some […]

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Why I call myself a ‘label free vegan’?

I have posted a little sneak peek of my history with food in one of my last Instagram pictures and the feedback was overwhelming. So many of you seem to be struggling or have been struggling in the past with some kind of a diet or eating disorder. So I wanted to share my whole story with you to hopefully help some of you who are still struggling. Childhood & Youth Let’s start with my childhood and teenage years because that is usually where disordered eating behaviors start for most people. Not for me though. Thinking back to my childhood […]

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Raw Mini Cheesecakes

raw mini cheesecakes

These raw treats seem to be a never-ending trend on Instagram so I finally had to make some as well. They make the perfect summer treat because you can enjoy them right out of the freezer or let them thaw a little to have a creamier more cheesecake like texture. And I don’t want to hear any of you saying “But it’s almost fall now.” NO! It is not! I will refuse to accept letting summer go so fast. I’m by far not ready yet. I will probably never be ready. So let’s all hold onto summer as long as […]

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Hazelnut Cookie Dough (sweet hummus)

healthy cookie dough

I still remember those days in the kitchen when my mom was baking cake and my sister and I were helping fighting about who gets to lick the bowl. And my mom was warning us to not eat too much of the raw dough so we won’t get salmonellae. Luckily that never happened! But especially with the current news on eggs containing toxic chemicals I get grossed out just by thinking about eating raw eggs. Not to mention the cruelty that comes with most egg cartons. So an egg-free cookie dough is needed. Now while eating a whole batch of […]

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Go nuts granola

Granola is one thing I never ate before I went vegan. I always had the same old chocolate muesli and never switched it up. I mean chocolate muesli is good (vegan chocolate muesli of course) but changing up your food every now and again is even better. But in the last few years I have tested a bunch of different granolas. Many store-bought and just as many homemade ones. They both have their pros and cons. Store-bought are very much appreciated during busy times or if I want something a little sweeter since they tend to have loads more sugar […]

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