Why we should be more careful with what we post on social media

girl sitting in front of a library

Tuesday afternoon. I’m currently sitting at my desk, snacking on dates while I try to finish a uni project. I’m in desperate need for a break. My phone is next to me and before you even know it I’m scrolling through Instagram. “Okay so since I’m already here. Why not take a short break and watch some stories?!” is what I’m thinking and just one click later I see other peoples lives on the screen in front of me. Someone posting a picture of their cat, “So cute”. Someone talking about the next package they got in the mail. “I […]

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Why I call myself a ‘label free vegan’?

I have posted a little sneak peek of my history with food in one of my last Instagram pictures and the feedback was overwhelming. So many of you seem to be struggling or have been struggling in the past with some kind of a diet or eating disorder. So I wanted to share my whole story with you to hopefully help some of you who are still struggling. Childhood & Youth Let’s start with my childhood and teenage years because that is usually where disordered eating behaviors start for most people. Not for me though. Thinking back to my childhood […]

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