TOP 5 of November

November has got to be my least favorite month. Because it’s mostly rainy, grey and dark, so I have to admit I’m not too sad it’s over. I haven’t been feeling too great lately due to rushing into winter depression quite rapidly this year. It has left me feeling unmotivated to do anything but stressed about everything at the same time. I just took a few minutes to reflect on what I’ve been doing the past month but honestly I haven’t really been doing a lot besides uni, more uni, work and more uni. The last month I have not […]

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TOP 5 of October

This is something you keep hearing at the ende of every month but I need to say it: WHAT?! October is already over?! Where did this year go? There are only two month left of 2017. Summer is fas gone. Winter is waiting right around the corner. I actually had my fingers almost freeze off last night for the first time this year. Or well for the first time in the second part of this year to be more accurate. Uni started again this month and after still feeling like it’s the beginning of the semester when exam period started […]

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TOP 5 of September

explore tattoo

I thought I’d start a monthly recurring thing. Some kind of monthly favorites. After contemplating what I want this format to look like I’ve first thought about setting up some categories and picking my favorites out of these categories every month. But one month I might have two food favorite books and the next month I might have non so I wasn’t 100% happy with this concept. Instead I thought I’d just share my ‘TOP 5’ every month. This can really be anything food, fashion, movies, books, artists, places, moments,… That gives me enough freedom to just really share with […]

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