Double Chocolate pancakes

double chocolate pancakes

I had my cousin over to visit me last weekend and while I got up at 6am on Saturday to get some work done she was still sleeping by 10am when I was done with my work. The perks of being a teenager! I still remember those weekend when I was sleeping in until my mom woke me up at noon for lunch. I think I haven’t slept until noon in at least 6 years. If you’d told me back then that I would become a morning person at some point in my life I wouldn’t have believed you. So […]

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TOP 5 of September

explore tattoo

I thought I’d start a monthly recurring thing. Some kind of monthly favorites. After contemplating what I want this format to look like I’ve first thought about setting up some categories and picking my favorites out of these categories every month. But one month I might have two food favorite books and the next month I might have non so I wasn’t 100% happy with this concept. Instead I thought I’d just share my ‘TOP 5’ every month. This can really be anything food, fashion, movies, books, artists, places, moments,… That gives me enough freedom to just really share with […]

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Chunky monkey pancakes

I’m back and I have an improved version of my chocolate pancakes for you! And hopefully lots of other recipes in the future, I really want to post here more often. Not just recipes but also posts about my homemade beauty experiments, zero-waste try-outs, general thoughts, etc. Which topics are you guys interested in? What would you want to read on here? I’m also thinking about some “What I eat in a day” posts. Or some posts about self love, my vegan story, my history with disordered eating/sports addiction,… Mainly just everything that comes to my mind. But first things […]

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Chocolate pancakes

I love Sundays, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. To me Sundays are all about sleeping in, spending hours in bed even after waking up and having a decadent breakfast once I actually manage to get out of bed. Most Sundays, my treat of choice are pancakes they are so easy to make and are super versatile. I love experimenting with different flavor combinations in my pancakes and this time I wanted something super chocolaty. Ingredients: For the pancakes: 1 cup rolled oats 1/2 banana 1 – 2 tbsp cacao powder 1 1/4 cups almond milk pinch of baking soda For the […]

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Fluffy pancakes with chocolate sauce

Sundays are there for decadent breakfasts, right? I love treating myself to something extra special on Sundays because during the week I don’t have enough time to go all out on preparing my breakfasts extra fancy, I usually end up with a bowl of oatmeal topped with some fruit. And even though I love my oatmeals I’m looking forward to a little bit of a change on the weekends. There are a billion and one options to prepare vegan pancakes. There are actually so many recipes that I could make pancakes every day of the week and I still wouldn’t be able […]

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