Q & A #1

canal in Amsterdam

One of my favorite type of blogposts to read are Q&As because I love getting to know the person behind the screen a little more with each answer. And since I’ve been getting quite a few questions on Instagram via direct messages lately I thought why not publish a Q&A post myself? So I asked you to ask me some questions in the comments of one of my Instagram pictures and now I’m going to answer them. So here are all of your questions and my answers. I tried to order them in categories so it’s not too random. Thank […]

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Summer bucket list

For some of you summer might already be on the verge of merging into fall but for me, it actually just started today. Right after finishing my exams for this semester I jumped on a bus to take a trip to Berlin. It was the best thing I could have done because it took my mind off from all the studying. I had the best time with lots of wonderful people, amazing food and great experiences. It was super busy but exactly what I needed to recharge my energy. And afterwards, I took up a last minute job offer for […]

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